Kids Health

Naturopath Lindy Cook loves helping children and teenagers achieve their best.

Some of the key areas she can treat include:

  • ADHD, ADD – There are many nutritional things we can do to help control the symptoms of ADHD and ADD.  Dietary exclusions, nutritional advice and supplementation for the side effects of medication or for deficiencies that often accompany these conditions. The complimentary treatment options will depend on the child’s individual needs.
  • Food Intolerances and Allergies – many foods and environmental influences are an irritant to young growing bodies. Intolerances may be from birth or developed over time causing many symptoms.
  • Gut Health and Immunity –  It is well known that if the gut is healthy and the nervous system is supported,  the immune system is strong. Treating the gut can have a flow on affect to the rest of the body.
  • Insomnia – Its an emotional time growing up and often if we combine a poor diet, disrupted night time habits, and the stress of school, this can affect sleep.
  • Mental health (Anxiety, mood) – Childhood and teenage anxiety is very common. Nutritional, dietary and herbal support are vital here.
  • Childhood obesity  (dietary, thyroid, education) – Sometimes its not just food that is causing a teenager or child to be overweight, often there are metabolic issues at play and a thorough investigation may need to take place to find out that cause.

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