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New and existing clients are able to make appointments.


Please enrol via our Weight Loss Program Page FIRST HERE. Then come back and book your Pre-Paid appointments accordingly either via this page or the Patient Portal you will be enrolled in as part of the weight loss program.

Note we do not offer casual weight loss consultations for new clients. You must purchase one of our WEIGHT LOSS programs first.

Which Appointment Should I Book?

Appointments are are grouped as:

    • 30 Minutes (Existing clients)
    • 1 Hour (Existing clients who may require more time or have not been to the clinic in more than 6 months)
    • Prepaid 30 Minutes (Existing clients who have already purchased the See Me weight loss program or a 3, 5 OR 8 pack of consults subsequently)

  • NATUROPATH CONSULTATION (everything else not weight loss focused)
    • Initial consultation (New Clients)
    • 30 Minutes (Existing clients for a shorter consultation follow up appointment)
    • 1 Hour (Existing clients wanting a longer appointment, if you have not been to the clinic over 6 months OR you are booking your treatment plan presentation)
    • Prepaid consultations (Existing clients who have already purchased a 3, 5 or 8 pack)

    • Initial consultation (New Clients)
    • 30 minutes (Existing clients for a shorter follow up consultation)
    • 1 hour (Existing clients for a longer appointment and if you have not been to the clinic for over 6 months)
    • Prepaid 15 minute consultations (Strictly only for “Zoom Me Package ” weight loss clients who have already purchased this program)
    • Acute 15 Online consult (Existing clients only who have just a couple of questions)