Weight Loss Package

5 Session Weight Loss Package $295

Consultations are one on one with your own naturopath. The weight loss plan is flexible to suit your individual needs. The initial consultation takes 1.5 hours with the 4 follow up sessions taking 30 minutes. The follow up sessions can be weekly or every two weeks, it’s up to you.

Your progress will be monitored utilising advanced scientific technology utilised by NASA called VLA Bio-impedance. VLA is a testing machine which determines some very important markers of weight, disease and ageing. It will provide muscle mass, a critical factor for fat loss, what your fat mass is and hydration status. It will even tell you where the water is within your body as often there can be too little within cells and too much outside your cells for a variety of reasons. You will also be told your biological age which is how old you are compared to the rest of the population of the same age, frame size, height and gender. Each session you receive a computerised print out detailing all of this information and comparing each session to the previous sessions. To be able to truly analyze your progress in this way is far superior to just relying on the scales.

Experience the difference when you place your weight loss needs in the hands of experienced, trained and qualified health professionals who understand the chemistry of weight loss. Any underlying health problems affecting your weight will also be addressed. So many factors can affect one’s ability to lose weight from hormones, to stress to inflammation.

You will receive a comprehensive weight loss manual, motivation and diet diary as well as two recipe books. The package also includes a comprehensive Metagenics magnesium powder which can help with energy, sleep quality, fluid retention, hormones, headaches, muscle tension, stress and anxiety. We decide which particular magnesium formula you need at your consultation as for instance you may need one tweaked more for energy or one tweaked for anxiety.

Health fund rebates are also applicable if you have Naturopathy cover. Call your health fund to check.

Glow package the program together saving you a massive $172 if you were to have casual appointments. 

The $295 must be paid upfront at the initial consultation.

After the completion of the 5 sessions, you can either pay casually or pre-pay 3, 5 or 8 sessions at a discount.

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