Weight Loss Packages

The Naturopaths Way

Feeling lethargic, clothes too tight and not wanting to buy bigger clothes, worried about fat around your stomach increasing your risk for diabetes?

Finding that you keep saying to yourself I am going be strong and stick with a health kick but then falling off the wagon far too easily?

Stop putting your weight loss health kick off and book now so there are no more excuses.

With so many fad diets out there, our program is based on what the overwhelming scientific shows is the best diet for health and longevity. Long term healthy weight needs to be a lifestyle and not a “diet”. We teach you how those that live the longest and healthiest eat along with their lifestyle. You don’t want to lose weight on a diet that is detrimental to your gut microbiome and increases inflammatory markers in your body increasing risk for cardiovascular disease and other conditions just to be thin!

Our clients tell us they feel better within 5 days of starting our program. More energy, less hungry, fewer cravings. Fluid retention drops, they are more efficient at work or home and feel like they are supposed to be!

Our program is designed by experienced naturopath Lisa who has been specialising in weight loss for over 20 years. It focuses on anti inflammatory whole foods which can profoundly improve not only your weight but your overall health given inflammation is the common denominator to all disease. A key source of inflammation comes from eating the wrong foods! The people in the world who live the longest but the healthiest predominantly eat an anti-inflammatory diet. The anti-inflammatory principals of this diet would be wonderful to help incorporate with your entire family.

You have three options with our weight loss program.

All options receive via our Client Portal:

  • Comprehensive Success Manual
  • Meal Plans
  • Recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Exercise Guide
  • Food and lifestyle diary
  • Goal setting guide
  • Self Sabotage Workbook
  • Eating out tips

You can choose:

Option 1:

SOLO $295 – you can follow the program on your own at your own pace with no check ins with Naturopath Lisa.

Option 2:

ZOOM ME 8 Week Program $395 – you receive the program and have weekly accountability with 15 minute zoom calls with Naturopath Lisa for 8 weeks.

Option 3:

SEE ME 10 Week Program $525* – you receive the program, have weekly accountability involving 30 minute consultations at our Malvern East clinic with Lisa every 2 weeks where she will weigh you, measure you, carry out the Quadscan Bioimpedance test each visit, provide a report, answer any questions and offer advice.

Alternate weeks you catch up for 15 mins on a Zoom call for even more accountability!

This is the best value program for accountability and averages out at approx. $53 a week to have the program and expert advice every single week.

*Payment plan option also available

Why Have Weekly Check Ins?

Being accountable to someone else and personally guided can make a significant difference to your success. Just knowing you are going to be weighed, measured, receive a report logging your progress and chat to Lisa about your week, does wonders for the psychological aspects of being more consistent with healthy eating and exercise. In the 23 years Naturopath Lisa has been a naturopath this is the number ONE thing she hears the most from her clients. Accountability makes all the difference. Those clients who have checked in weekly have had the most success as they are mindful and accountable.

Quadscan Bio-impedance Testing for SEE ME Package

For our Option 3 SEE ME Package your progress will be monitored utilising advanced scientific technology utilised by NASA called Quadscan Bio-impedance. This is a TGA registered testing device which determines some very important markers of weight, disease and ageing. It will provide muscle mass, a critical factor for fat loss, what your fat mass is and hydration status. It will even tell you where the water is within your body as often there can be too little within cells and too much outside your cells for a variety of reasons. Each session you receive a computerised print out detailing all of this information and comparing each session to the previous sessions. To be able to truly analyze your progress in this way is far superior to just relying on the scales.

Experience the difference when you place your weight loss needs in the hands of experienced, trained and qualified health professionals who understand the chemistry of weight loss. Any underlying health problems affecting your weight will also be addressed. So many factors can affect one’s ability to lose weight from hormones, to stress to inflammation.

VEGAN CLIENTS : Please enrol in our weight loss program via this link.

Have any questions about our weight loss programs or payment plan options? Email us reception@glowhealth.com.au