Success Stories


Mark had been overweight since a child and had tried everything to lose weight.

He saw Naturopath Lisa for his first consultation in February 2010 and has never looked back!

In 11 months Mark went from 120kg to 87 kilos, lost 30 cm off his waist and reduced his biological age by 15 years.  His fat percentage went down and his muscle percentage went up, showing he improved his body composition and fat to muscle ratio.

One year later, in February 2012, Mark has not put any weight back on and has lost even more. Stayed tuned for his latest results…

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120kg 87kg


Hi my name is Kaye Garton and I am 48 years of age and come from Narre Warren this is my story.

Eight years ago I started suffering from IBS and if you suffer it you know how absolutely agonizing and depressing it can be. You want to crawl into a hole and vanish. There were times I thought that if I could lay down and die that would be better than the life I was living. It was so bad that when my husband and I would go away on holidays and oh how I didn’t enjoy the travel, it was dreadful stressing where the next ways side stop might be. But hey I do know now where all the best road stops are between Melbourne and Queensland. This became a running joke with my husband and me; I could point to them as we drove along and where in each town. It was like I would look out for them as soon as we hit a new town. Now I look back and think OMG that is sad. What enjoyment is there about that?

Well I finally made the decision that I had to do something and that I couldn’t go on like that any more. As for the regular doctors they were not going to be able to help me after having numerous tests and them putting it down to stress and it is in your mind. What a lot of cods waddle that is. I wish they would suffer it.

In February I looked through the yellow pages to find a naturopath to see if they could help. What I found was not only a great Naturopath that has given me life back but a new friend that I call my guardian health angel. Her name is Lisa at Glow Health.

Within one week of meeting Lisa and starting my new diet to help my stomach everything I had been suffering for over the last 8 years vanished. Virtually overnight I was free again to go and do as I please. My family was astounded by it all. And the best part about the diet is that I have lost 16 kilos and dropped 4 dress sizes. You read about these things in magazines well it really happened to me. I am a new woman. And I have been having so much fun buying new clothes. I had stopped buying anything over the terrible years as I call them. What more can a woman want but to be able to go into a shop and buy nice flattering clothes. I have more energy then I have had is so long which is a bonus as well.

I want to thank Lisa and her lovely staff at Glow Heath for the support and encouragement they have given me. Without you I would still be staying home and not going places. Thank you so much.


At the age of 20, I contracted Glandular Fever. I was healthy and active until then! I enjoyed bike riding and for many years had been a successful long distance cross-country runner. I maintained a balanced diet with regular exercise.

During the three months I had Glandular Fever, I gained weight; weight that I would struggle to lose over the next 21 years; years that I would spend in and out of doctors’ clinics, on and off diets, in and out of gyms but none of which helped to lose the weight and I of all people, was now fighting “The Battle of The Bulge”!

I have continued to maintain a relatively active and healthy lifestyle, but doctors would inevitably judge me and my “Glandular Fever Story” with the usual rhetoric that the only reason I am “fat” is because I am lazy and eat too much junk!

I am married to a beautiful, fit and healthy wife, Leanne and we have three beautiful fit and healthy children aged 10, 8 and 6. We all eat out of the same kitchen with the same meals on our plates and I was feeling sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired! I desperately needed something to change! I am nearly 41 years old now, and could not imagine how I was going to make it to 50, let alone 70! If I felt like this now, what would life be like if indeed I did make it to either or both of those ages?

That’s when I googled “Naturopaths” and found Lisa at Glow Health. I was so impressed by the professionalism of the website and the information it provided that I phoned immediately to make my first appointment, in spite of the fact that I live in the bush and had a four hour round trip ahead of me!

I met Lisa a week later and WOW… Lisa ‘had me at hello’!!! A lovely smiling welcome like she’d known me forever and such a genuine interest in my “Glandular Fever Story”. I was pleasantly surprised and somewhat encouraged not to receive the usual sceptical response from a medical practitioner!

Lisa set about cleverly contemplating her options as she calculated the course of action she was about to take with her latest “victim” as she tapped her fingers together like some evil doctor in an underground laboratory calculating how she would destroy the world.

I left her clinic that day with a spring in my step, feeling more encouraged and empowered to change my situation than ever before!

I visit Lisa weekly and in the twelve weeks since my first appointment, I have lost an astonishing 20 kgs and my belt has come in 6 inches!!

I am now looking forward to the years ahead and to spending more quality years with my wife and three children!

Thank you, Lisa! You have changed my life forever! To coin a phrase, “Knowledge IS Power”!! This phrase has never been as relevant to me as it is right now!!

I would strongly urge anyone who is currently “Battling The Bulge” and feeling discouraged and helpless right now to pick up the phone and make your first appointment to see Lisa at Glow Health!!

Happy Healthy Living!!

UPDATE: As of Dec 8th 2014, John has lost 35 kilos!


A friend suggested I look at the weight loss program Lisa was offering at GLOW. That was in the middle of January and since then I have lost over 11 kilos and have just a little bit more to go.

Do you know the most amazing thing is it really isn’t THAT hard? Lisa works with you individually, offering strategies as to how to get through the issues that are tricky for you. I find if I follow the program, I don’t hit any munchie periods during the day.

The best way is to prepare ahead for the day’s food requirements and have everything ready for when it is meal time. As for the exercise part, I decided it had to be something I wanted to do and it had to be fun. So I have 1 session with a personal trainer, 1 yoga class and 1 Latin dance session each week.

For someone who was born with a choc-ie biscuit in my mouth, this new approach to a healthy way of living feels great.