Preconception and Fertility

Pre Conception Care

Preconception care is the ultimate in preventative medicine. Ideally both partners have the opportunity to assess and address any issues that may compromise fertility, as well as take the time to reduce any toxic exposure, achieve a healthy body composition and build nutritional credit to give every opportunity for fertility, an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby.
Stress and nutrition are major environmental signals that influence both fertility and the developing foetus, making these important areas of focus to educate prospective parents in the preconception phase of growing their family.
Preconception care should ideally begin at least 4 months prior to the conception attempts. This preparation time is necessary as the ova take 3 months to mature and 2- 4 months for sperm to develop.
Ensuring the health of sperm and ova by managing oxidative stress, reducing toxicity and providing nutritional support notably reduces the risk of miscarriage and supports a full term uncomplicated pregnancy.
Men are often overlooked in the preconception stages, but their contribution of half the genetic material is, of course, extremely important. Sperm production requires adequate nutritional levels and an absence of chemicals – since sperm are susceptible to oxidative damage from temperature, environmental and dietary toxins, toxins and radiation, so including both partners in a preconception care program is vital.

A Preconception Care Naturopath Consultation

By supporting you and your partner to obtain optimal health we are laying down the foundations for increased chances of achieving a natural conception and producing a normal healthy pregnancy and baby.
There are many vitamins and minerals that contribute to egg quality and developing healthy sperm. We will tailor your program based on your individual needs, based on testing and a by taking a detailed history of both you and your partner. Diet, reducing toxicity, exercising, supplementation with pre conception vitamins, minerals and herbs, and managing stress are key to this program.
There are many people who will be a part of your team on when you are embarking on producing a family, your GP, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Naturopath, Acupuncturist to name a few. I am very much a complementary Naturopath who wants to work as part of the team involved in supporting you on your journey.



(unexplained infertility, secondary infertility, PCOS, Endometriosis, Male infertility)

Couples can come up against many obstacles whilst on the journey to producing healthy babies. I always feel optimistic working with couples who have otherwise not been able to have their first or subsequent children, because we have the time to devote to you in our consultation, take a thorough history of your journey, decipher results and develop a relationship that helps us understand you, where you have come from and where you want to be.

We will decide what tests to get updated results for, which enables us to have a new benchmark to measure from. As your condition improves we can monitor your progress.
There are many factors that contribute to infertility; diet, lifestyle, exercise, the toxins you have been exposed to and stress, all play an integral part in your success.