Naturopath Lisa

Lisa Marmaras N.D.

  • Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association Member (ANPA)
  • Committee member for 2008 of ANPA
  • Federation of Natural & Traditional Therapists Member (FNTT)
  • Certified Hemaview Live Blood Screening Practitioner
  • Certified VLA Bio-impedance Practitioner

Lisa is the founder and owner of Glow Health and Weight Loss. She is a qualified naturopath with 20 years experience. Lisa commenced her naturopathy studies in 1994 which was four years of study. When she graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine, she received the Research Prize for her year. She was a committee member in 2008 for the A.N.P.A which is the oldest naturopathic association in Australia.

Lisa has been specialising in weight loss and detox programs for the last 18 years.


Lisa has devised the weight loss programs at Glow over the 18 years or so she has specialised in this area.

She has a particular interest in how one’s weight affects conditions such as diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, high blood pressure and cholesterol and treats many clients needing to lose weight who also have these concerns.

Over the last 18 years specialising in weight loss she has taken particular care to identify and address ANYTHING that could be affecting one’s ability to lose weight with stubborn weight loss and has seen thousands of clients, also doing further testing if required. She has identified the FABP2 fat absorption gene in several clients where they have tried “everything” to lose weight. This gene means they very easily absorb fat but are also insulin resistant so must be careful with sugars and carbohydrates also.


Its quite profound, the rising incidence of PCOS Lisa is seeing in her clinic, and she helps PCOS clients lose weight, regulate their cycles, fall pregnant and reduce the negative effects of excess androgens and insulin in their body such as acne and hair growth.  She has also had great success with helping relieve painful and heavy periods as well as endometriosis.

PMS issues are extremely common and Lisa helps balance the cycle, often due to whats called oestrogen dominance.


A large proportion of her client base who come to her for weight loss, have significant digestive issues such as bloating, irritable bowel and constipation. Lisa ensures that whilst her clients lose weight, these uncomfortable symptoms are also addressed.

She also takes a keen interest in inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis with some fantastic results in improving the symptoms, nutrient absorption, reducing inflammation and addressing the immune system involvement with these conditions. Her most recent client with ulcerative colitis is 80 years old and now feels the best she has in years, being too scared to leave the house and being near a bathroom a thing of the past.


Lisa also specialises in helping stressed out, exhausted, anxious work-a-holics who need to support their adrenals, nervous system and often brain neurotransmitters to cope better with stress.


Another specialty of Lisa’s is her 6 week Glow Detox Program designed to have you feeling the best you have in years. Many of her new clients are referrals from old clients who have completed the Glow Detox and look and feel so great, they want to do it too! The detox helps address leaky gut, acid/alkaline balance in the body, yeast / candida infections, irritable bowel, hormonal balance, poor skin and sluggish liver. 


For those of you thinking about starting a family, Lisa loves to help clients with pre-conception care, emphasing the importance of starting your health kick about 4 months BEFORE you start trying to conceive to maximise your pregnancy and baby potential. It’s always such a thrill when her clients fall pregnant and she advises them along their pregnancy and afterwards.

Lisa keeps up to date with the latest in research and technology investing time and money into seminars and courses. She ensures that she attends at least 15 seminars a year to stay up to date with the latest in health care.

Appointments with Lisa are Mondays to Saturdays. Later afternoon /early evening appointments are available Wednesdays and Thursdays.