Got the Moody Blues?

Your Journey to Greater Mental Wellbeing

Mental health disorders are more common than many people realise.
It is natural to feel like you are the only one that may be feeling
low or experiencing depression, but you are not alone! There are
many reasons why you might be feeling blue. Stress, poor health, loss
and trauma, and changes in life circumstances can all be triggers
for depression. Thankfully, there are some natural medicines and
positive lifestyle habits that can help improve your mood and set you
on the path to greater mental wellbeing.

Put the Fire Out in Your Brain

Depression can feel like a fire is smouldering in your brain and
without the appropriate support, this fire can get out of control.
Inflammation is not just the hot, painful swelling you see and feel
when you sprain your ankle. Those same markers of inflammation
that increase when you have an injury, can also be present in your
brain and body with depression. Addressing this inflammation can be
an important aspect of treatment.
Your Practitioner is in a prime position to help you to put out your
depression fire. It is important that treatment is addressed in a multifaceted
approach with appropriate herbs and nutrients, as well as
adopting a healthy lifestyle and developing a positive mind.

Herbs for Health and Happiness

Feeling low or depressed does not have to be a fact of life, and it does
not have to be your version of ‘normal’. There are natural medicines that
may be beneficial for those with depression which can even be taken
safely with antidepressant medication.

  • Turmeric: this golden herb is not just an ingredient in your
    Asian cooking. It can act as a potent anti-inflammatory and
    antidepressant that can help put the fire out in your brain.
    Curcumin, the active constituent in turmeric, can also increase
    the size of regions of your brain that promote healthier brain
  • Saffron: considered the most expensive spice in the world,
    saffron is famous for its yellow dye and delicate perfume. It is an
    equally useful herbal medicine for managing depression due to
    its anti-inflammatory actions.

Other nutrients include:

  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) and SAMe: 5-HTP is a nutrient derived from the amino acid tryptophan. SAMe is a substance that is naturally made in our bodies. These two nutrients may be useful to support normal functioning of our brain and nervous system. Both 5-HTP and SAMe may help to correct imbalances in your neurotransmitters or ‘brain chemicals’. This may help to improve anxiety, irritability and that overwhelming chocolate or sweet craving that you get when you are sad!

Get Moving for Healthy Mood

Did you know that those who exercise have improved brain function
and feel happier? Aerobic exercise is also proven to decrease stress
hormones, which can exacerbate mood disorders – try running,
swimming, walking, or cycling. There are many informal ways of
exercising also, such as dancing in your lounge room to your
favourite songs! Perhaps you prefer to join a sporting team with
work, or a local sporting club such as football, cricket, golf or
tennis. Don’t underestimate the power of exercising in a group or
with a friend. Social connection and relationship building can be
very powerful for improving mental wellbeing.

You Are More Resilient Than you Know!

Never underestimate your inner strength. If you are facing
adversities that are worsening your mood, consider what your
‘silver lining’ may be? It could be a renewed appreciation for life,
a realisation of true priorities and friendship, or recognition of how
strong you really are. Just remember, when life challenges appear
on your path, use it as an opportunity to flourish and grow.

Here to Lend a Helping Hand

With the support of your natural healthcare Practitioner, you
will be able to develop holistic strategies to help you feel more
positive and in control of your situation. As well as supporting you
with herbs and nutrients for healthy mood, your Practitioner can
help you adopt a mood-enhancing lifestyle for improved stress
management and mental health. Here’s to greater health and

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