Plant Based Program – 30 Day Challenge


Considered going plant based? Have a member of your family wanting to become vegan and dont know where to start with food? Or just want to challenge yourself to go plant based for a month?


Our complete 30-Day Program Includes:
  • 38-Page Plant Based Success Manual
  • ​Complete 30-Day Plant-Based Recipe Manual
  • 30 Days of  Meal Guides
  • ​4 Weeks of Sample Printable Grocery Lists
  • ​Regular Motivational & Inspirational Emails
  • ​Complete Macro Breakdown
  • ​Complete Checklist for Success
  • Measurement Worksheet
  • Goal-Setting Worksheet

Plus access to our exclusive Plant Based Challenge Facebook group for more motivation, help, tips and inspiration!

What you will also learn:

  • Benefits of Living a Plant-Based Lifestyle
  • Where Do You Get Your Protein From?
  • Plant-Based vs. Vegan vs. Vegetarian
  • What to Expect During the 30-Day Program
  • How to Prepare Powerfully for Success
  • Uncovering Your Unique Motivators for Maintaining Progress & Achieving Incredible Results
  • How to Transition into a Plant-Based Diet with a Special 3-Day Reset
  • How to Navigate Dining Out & Social Gatherings

And So Much More…

BONUS : At the end of the 30 day Plant Based Challenge we will email you more plant based recipes and a meal plan to keep your interest piqued! 

Studies show plant-based diets can lower body weight & reduce the risk of developing: 
      🍅 High blood pressure
      🍑 Heart disease
      🍋 Diabetes
      🥦 Digestive diseases
      🍆 Certain cancers (colon and breast)
      🍇 Obesity




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