14 Day Get Your Glow Challenge Program


Join our 14 Day Challenge to Get Your Glow!


  • Want to lose a few kilos before an event or just want to have a glow?
  • Finding it hard to get started on a health kick or need a reset?
  • Want to drop some unhealthy habits and eat healthy to support your immune system?

Then join our 14 Day Get Your Glow Challenge. You will receive guidelines, recipes, meal plans and an exercise manual. To increase motivation, be inspired and have more accountability you will also be invited to join our exclusive challenge Facebook group. The Facebook group will have regular posts with advice, tips, links and be there to answer all your questions.

This program can help you:
      🍅 Naturally balance blood sugar and help eliminate cravings
      🍑 Help balance hormones
      🍋 Improves brain health, memory, and clear “brain fog”
      🥦 Improves digestion
      🍏Increase energy levels
      🍆 Improve the quality of sleep
       🍇 Decreases anxiety & mood swings


It will be tough but worth it. You will be expected to forgo a few things such as gluten, dairy & sugar plus do loads of walking daily but you can do ANYTHING for 14 days! There are also options for social occasions where you can have one alcoholic drink or be hardcore and have none.

Start now or anytime! Encourage a friend to join with you and lock them in as a walking and accountability buddy.




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