Energy Work

Do you find yourself not feeling 100% well even though you seem to be doing ALL the things you are supposed to be doing?

Losing the weight but not keeping it off?

Stomach issues not going away completely?

Still being affected by foods even though you thought you have been ‘treated’ for that intolerance?

What about considering the possibility that these conditions are or being triggered by situations, people or from past events, or even childhood memories?
Neuro Emotional Technique is a mind-body technique that follows a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved issues.

NET can help to improve many behavioural and physical conditions (NET Australia website ). NET can also address stress related issues and reoccurring conditions. NET is NOT a cure but rather a tool to help remove ‘blocks’ that affect how vital we are. It allows the body to return to a state enabling it to repair itself naturally.
Energy Balancing Technique was discovered by Dr Devi Nambudripad, it is a method that helps to balance the energies in the body. Using Dr Nambudripad’s Oriental medical theory, a food intolerance is seen to cause an imbalance in the energy meridians, this can subsequently cause a blockage in the meridian flow of energy, contributing to sensitivities and allergic reactions / intolerances.

When Energy Balancing Technique removes or clears the blockage in the meridian, that particular allergen, which previously caused reactions, shows no adverse reactions with future contact. This treatment is non-invasive and gentle for all ages.
Whilst all things women’s health is a passion of Naturopath Sally,  she also loves working with children and connects very well with teenagers. Why not book in with her for a full health check and make sure you and your family are ready to move into Winter with a healthy immune system! Or come and see Sally for NET or EBT just to see how much you improve? She looks forward to seeing you soon.

NOTE: Sally is the only naturopath at Glow that provides NET or EBT so please make sure you book with her for these services.